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Review: Bound By Deception by Christa Paige

Bound By Deception by Christa Paige
Reading Level: Mature

Summary: Anna belongs to a special people, whose female such as herself, undergo a specific blood ritual when mature enough to mate. Each male who wants to claim her, must offer up his blood in a cup and after examining it -but not tasting it- she needs to choose just one to spend eternity with him. Intense though it is, if she makes a bad choice and they are not genetically compatible, she will suffer the consequences. She will die at drinking from the cup. So, when her brother makes a suggestion, she follows it...

My Review: I won a copy of this book at The Romance Reviews and for that I wish to thank the site and the author Christa Paige who was kind and generous enough to send me not only "Bound By Deception" but also "Bound By Rebellion", although I had only won the second book!

The book is only 41 pages long, so I had the pleasure of reading this at work on my break! Needless to say, I was hardly in the mood to work afterwards... I'd rather... *censored*
The book follows Anna, member of a special race/tribe of people who had underwent a genetic mutation in the past and they now are what we would call "Vampires", although in this "mythology" vampires don't seem malevolent and are persecuted by humans.
In their society, every woman mature to breed must choose a life mate from the ones who wish to claim her. Anna, is lucky enough to have three. She doesn't know who they are, though, and she must choose without seeing but from the cup of their blood they present her with. She is free to smell and examine the cup, but she is not to drink from any of them, because drinking means that this is which she chooses. Let alone the fact, that if she makes a bad choice there's a chance that she will perish because her mate is not genetically compatible.

Naturally, Anna is overwhelmed by the significance of this and when her brother makes a suggestion that she should choose the second one, she does just that and drinks from the second cup. What she doesn't know though, is that the blood belongs to Dimitri. A man she had always wanted, but had given up on because he was much older and a player.

This might sound pretty typical, banter-kind-of-love, but let me tell you, it is not.
The writer manages a superb and very enjoyable description of feelings and emotions and it made it a delight to read.

Anna is vulnerable but strong, she is not afraid to speak her mind and that's always good in a heroine and Dimitri is your typical Alpha male, strong, brave, kind of cocky, but very much in love with her and tending to her needs. All her needs, if you know what I mean! ;)

Their attraction is undeniable (and sizzling hot), but there's always people who don't wish their happiness, namely Sergei and it is amazing how complete this felt despite its shortness.
Not that I would mind reading more of them. On the contrary!!
Needless to say that I'm SO reading the next one on the series asap!

Their love scene must be the best and most realistic scene I have ever read and I was craving chocolate after reading this! *g*
Good thing, I always have extra chocolate in my office. XD

Notable scene:
Trailing her gaze up, she looked at his neck. Couldn’t take her eyes off the way his throat worked with some kind of emotion. She realized he held the reaction perilously under control. That same wildness she had sensed during the ceremony remained within him still. Sliding her tongue out, she moistened her dry lips, recalling what he tasted like.
If she were to drink from him again, right now, would he be as enjoyable in the flesh?

Verdict: A short and gripping read, sexy and heart-warming. Totally recommended to anyone.
Rating: 4.5 Stars

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