About Me/Contact

My name is Kelly and I live in Greece.

I'm a total fangirl from books/reading to music and from cinema to TV, I love my "fandoms" and I defend and support them fiercely.
I read books both in Greek and in English, although I must admit that for years I have been reading mostly in English with few exceptions!

It's not that Greek books are bad - on the contrary. I guess it is mostly that we don't have the variety you find in the English-speaking world, or the Urban Fantasy/ Paranormal Romance/Dystopian/Forensic Thriller genre focus I'm so fond of!

I can read anything though, it all depends on my mood, so if you have any suggestions for me that don't fall into the above-mentioned genres, please go ahead!

I am not an experienced reviewer or a professional one but I love to talk and discuss and if you would like me to read something, I can give you my honest opinion. XD

You can contact me at yvantis[at]hotmail[dot]com or at yvantis[at]gmail[dot]com
I check both of them daily XD

You can also find me at my personal journal
My GoodReads Account
My twitter account
My Plinky Account
My Last.FM Account (for music)
And my tumblr account

I just made this in order to start writing my reviews and express my views and don't expect anything out of it, other than make new friends! XD