Saturday, October 2, 2010

This is Me Then...

Hi everyone,

I'm Kelly from Greece and I only made this to keep up with my favorite Book Bloggers and authors.
I don't think any of my friends has a blogspot, so I mostly use my livejournal blog.
I might actually start to use this eventually, if I ever figure out how it works! *g*
Though, that might take a while, unless I decide to crosspost my GoodReads reviews here or something! :P

For the time being, you can find me at my personal blog

my twitter:

my GoodReads Account - Because I'm an avid reader (Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Forensic Fiction, Crime Fiction, YA, Thrillers etc)

and my account because I love Music, Too

This Blog is A Work In Progress, so pretty soon it's gonna feel (and look) pretty and cosy! :P

Take care Everyone