Saturday, February 5, 2011

Took a short Hiatus

I am just popping in to say why I haven't been around in the past couple of weeks.
I have a nasty case of pharyngitis along with some infection, which had me in bed all these days. I had high fever for 5 consecutive days and nothing could bring it down, not the pain-killer, not the antibiotic. I mean I thought when I first took the antibiotic that I would stop having a fever, but I kept having a high temperature for 3 more days.
I also coughed like a donkey. (It's a saying in Greece, I don't know what's the expression in English, but in short, I coughed my insides out! lol)

I was like a zombie and had no clarity and when I had I read (the fever wasn't going away anyways), so I did read several books and put ratings in goodreads, I just didn't have the courage to be online much and write reviews. Something I intend to rectify. ;)
Today is my second day without fever and the n-th day without voice so... coming back soon...

~ Kelly ~